Things To Keep In Mind When Listing Your Home

Many homeowners battle with the question of when is the ideal time to sell their house. One might think that late spring or early summer is the most ideal since that is when they think most people are ready and excited to look for a new home. But the Hamilton County, Ohio (Cincinnati) statistics suggest that March-April is in fact the better time frame to list your house for sale.
The highest peak of homes in pending or sold status in the Hamilton County, Ohio area are in the months of March and April. According to the Cincinnati Area Board Of Realtors and other sources, more buyers are out in force during the months of March and April looking to make an offer on a house. As late spring and summer arrive, potential buyer numbers drop slightly due to factors like having already made an offer, vacations, etc.
While the above statistics are for the Hamilton County, Ohio area, the same trend can be found in most active real estate markets. SO if you plan to have your home available for sale in Spring you should start preparing your house in January in order to get it on the market during the months of March or April.
The bottom line is if you want to have your home on the market in a certain time, begin preparing as early as you can in order to be 100% ready for your chosen time frame. There are many things that should be done in preparation for your home sale. If you need an expert opinion on what you should do to get your house ready for sale or need to talk to a Realtor about selling your house contact today.

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