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Selling Your Home & Buying Your Home in 2019!

Fall was especially ROUGH this year after coming out of an insane seller’s market!! Though sales are predicted to continue a slowdown from last year there are still more buyers than sellers! The Millennials are a larger demographic than the Baby Boomers and largest since turn of the 20th century! That makes it still a decent market for sellers. Business 101 part 1b says there still has to be a meeting of the minds, which means, in terms of selling your property, you may have to strongly consider your listing price to enable those determined buyers to be able to AFFORD your home. Interest rates DO have a factor in affordability for MOST home buyers, and though they remain a comparative low they’re still rising and will effect buyers & what they can afford. So please take this into consideration.

As Buyers, because the inventory of available homes is LOW, it remains a Seller’s Market to a degree. Sellers may have to keep pricing affordable and may have to even reduce what they originally intended or wanted to list their home for, BUT if you see a home you love and “Have To Have” don’t hesitate to put an offer in! And don’t send an offer that is way below the list price! Remember your available homes to buy are Limited. Get yourselves the table and work out the details in negotiations. As said above, in buyers favor, interest rates, currently are at a comparative low, so get your loan locked in & enjoy your new home.

I VERY MUCH look forward to working with you and getting your home SOLD! & Helping you buy your new place to call HOME!

Again, if you have any questions what so ever please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m here to help!

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